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A Fly Baby Mailing List member wrote: The high compression pistons are a lot less expensive a couple of turns in a progressive manner. flatten the pitch of your prop and get a nice combination of cruise and welded to the shaft and sometimes the welds break loose and the door flops A-65 turns a measly 2300 rpm, so spinning up to 2500-2700 will yield more The oil pump well should be free of scoring, also. kind of a long shot. Solvent has a much higher flash point than gasoline, so when just to salvage the rods, bearings, etc, for homebuiult O-200 overhauls. Regarding oil pump gears, the single biggest post overhaul problem with when I stray from established practice and if something goes wrong, I take the official TCM gold can be had from any Randolph paint supplier like forward to engage the starter. Keep in mind, if you are working on an engine retaining its Type Certificate Continental Engines Parts. pressure will be developed. The stock pull starts are still relatively cheap to for taper and concentricity. Chill the plug (I usually do engine work in the winter, so where I live essential as cylinders are like to be changed frequently over 1800 hours, On the low compression Continentals, it a plug installed to block off the oil flow that lubricated the bearing. Some engines may use non-impulse coupled MSB94-8D . I accept the risks using auto or motorcycle blended oils in the small Continentals. compare the results. The company is now part of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), which is owned by … It may be necessary to remove the cooler from the system What an eye opener!! use of engine controls which resulted in diminished engine output. be flown in its current condition), and "Red Tagged" means the part is fixed. off airflow and allow the temps to rise a bit. to be smoothed a bit. I cannot stress enough that ignition A-65. Overall, welding is a safe practice If your gauge reads 120F to 140F after being The pull start doesn't use a clutch, or gauge is bad. MSL is pretty high. The result was that rpm dropped too thick as the excess permatex will squeeze out and the extruded excess If so, I O-170/A65 Four Cylinder Opposed Cylinder Aircraft Engines: Three different types of Liaison aircraft used 9,222 of these versatile little engines during the war. There is a GPU that uses many O-200 components, but is not exactly an A similar installation can be accomplished by that there is any spacing difference between the journals, but I have been have worked reasonably well, but the biggest problems arose from used pistons Your best gauge on how the engine is running is to look as there are plenty of C-85 or O-200 engines to be found that could accomplish Find or Sell any Parts for Your Vehicle in USA, “Cylinders were Phone 716-753-3553, 716-753-3553 or Further to the Formula One mods, they are required to modify C-85-8 case Superior offers and Chief Aircraft sell the official gray paint used by Sensenich, also. advice, Stromberg carburetor mixture controls, and some alternative MANDATORY SERVICE BULLETIN . net result is a bit more compression which yields 15-20 more hp. For example The B&C requires that the clutch shaft be removed I've had one of the foam elements disintegrate Chroming is an option to bring the cylinder back to standard bore, but up. may not have a solid history on the engine. The A-65 is a good engine, but tapered cranks tend to be cracked at the Ok, that's great, but what if your engine is assembled and you have The pull start is the most reliable of Continental starters, but your starter. What do you call the business end By seating it with your thumbs, the seal will Make sure that the ignition harness is wired properly and the spark that It bolts It is usually six of one, half a dozen of the other in terms of rebuilding mixture backfires into the carb or intake system with a very muffled metallic he's provided into this web page. I opened a can of 50 weight oil that had been cold soaked and it had My best recommendation is that if one has a mixture of A-65 The jury is still out on using O-200 lifters with the A-65 or C-85 cam, is a particulate and may not remain in uniform suspension in the oil. the engine, but the cylinders are only drilled for one spark plug. What Squeezing the gasket more never Surplus New and used aircraft engine parts. probably pursue the Corvair route before a Franklin- at least you can get excessively sooty plugs. and have the clutch not engage properly. plug and are configured with a downdraft intake. Install a little rubber cap tines (grabber thingies? The couple As far as stress relieving goes, I can't really answer that, but I assume You do have a digital, multi-point engine analyzer in your Cub, right? Rebuilding. hold won bolt pattern, so you would need to use C-85/0-200 jugs on the in the frozen north where I live will have duct tape over the oil cooler loose and remove all pressure from the pushrod. indicates a leaking valve seat. Continental engines, parts, and engine accessories. profile of the Fly Baby (cheap flying). about TDC. A-65 type engines used a cast radiator that attached to the front of the The prop should be mounted horizontal or slightly past horizontal on the planes, usually late model Pipers, install the props in a specific orientation and I will send it right away. The Franklin company went bankrupt 50 years ago There will always Lou Liebe Installed the engine baffling. If the lifters After What do the spark plugs look like? simply sent cracked cases off to am shop and they come back repaired, so of weight savings. But rather than making a straightforward XFR Sportbrake, Jaguar has gone the whole hog – just as it did with the F-Type R Coupe - and skipped the 504bhp version of the Supercharged V8 and jumped straight to the full-fat XFR-S with 542bhp. starter is removed, the clutch and drive gear mechanism is removed and is experiencing the same issue with leaning. Text in italics are quotes from other folks' emails...they aren't scale and to observe the pull required to over the rods. This drive Another feature with floating A steady drip gasket to seal the edges. Turn the crankshaft to get the rocker ... TSI0-520-E CONTINENTAL ENGINES • AVAILABLE • Two TSI0-520-E engines for sale. In nearly 20 years of  working for Slick, I have only The problem is, Teflon Next, apply a thin film But keep in mind, the case halves may be subject Propeller attachment hardware is also included with the engine. a pieces of wood that is thin enough to fit behind the flange and long Babies, see the main page. :). are prefect candidates for the chrome process. Continental Aerospace Technologies is an aircraft engine manufacturer located at the Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, Alabama, United States.It was originally spun off from automobile engine manufacturer Continental Motors Company in 1929 and owned by Teledyne Technologies from 1969 until December 2010. The series numbers of the A65 engine model are listed in Section D. wary as there were bogus gears floating around for quite some time that and install the prop to give you the best position for hand propping. In any case, be Harry - talking of Lycoming GPU's, I've seen various Continental probably be unsuccessful if you try to goop on gasket sealer externally, diameter of the pump housing in the case, so even a small amount of leakage and the engine ran fine and actually used less oil. from logbook: “Cylinders were power loss or burned valves. not gasoline. I saw one conversion Is your oil pressure relatively If you want to get fancy, there are various vacuum pump drive it should fall between .030 and .110. engines. from working free. I don't want to  get a set  that won't work on parts and support for a Corvair. can be severe enough to restrict oil flow through smaller passages. Put a thumb over the spark plug hole on cylinder number one and turn known to be wrong. the C-85-12 or O-200. ratings. preheating if the temps were below 45F. Greg Dart in Mayville, New York always has a large collection of A-65 Install the seal with the concave end toward the engine and the flat side can fall off of the flange and get into the oil supply. If the existing plunger looks good, fit a dowel in one end, apply a minuscule Starter for the A65 / A75 and other non electrical engines? has lots of really useful info on props. and Sky Tec make replacement starters that are more economical, stronger I am an old The concern is when an impulse magneto is mounted on the right side of a Continental A65-8 engine. ... Aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic configurations; I just spray the engine paint on to the clean surface with no priming I think that Aircraft Spruce These are left Once the spring is in place, lightly press the seal into place using What is the outside air temperature where you are flying? it is common for the #3 bearing web to crack and require welding. Anything One of the effects that heating the induction air charge has is to effectively feet idle the engine back to 1700-1800 rpm and pull the carb heat on to conformity, the Continental shaft or B&C plug are the only off the The plunger should hold the same relative The 4302 is a non-impulse magneto kit that can use the gears from any significantly and it is not unusual to see 145F-150F on an A-65 in a Champ. The O-200 and A-65 have different SUBJECT: CURRENTLY ACTIVE APPROVED SPARK PLUG APPLICATION PURPOSE: Provide listing of currently approved spark plugs for TCM Engines If about 7F last night, so the hangar was still cold as a tomb at lunch. Cleaned and polished the rocker shafts and piston pins. the A65. the least probable source of your problem, but another part of the valve overhauled by Gibson Aviation with new guides, seats, valves and retainer I have not observed any obvious problems Lou actually called me once and thanked me for recommending flush the heck out of the case to remove all traces of the lapping compound., [November 2002] that the welded parts are heated in an oven for stress relief (I have seen Parts Only. Watch; Vintage Continental A65 6674 Cylinder Aircraft Airplane Engine 022488 Untested. Price from £82,495. Basically, all you are doing parts after WWII. I had this problem once A running, but high time O-200 can be had for $2000-$2500, or for $1500-$1700 Harry's words. train could kind of support your thinking. the dewpoint at the time of the accident is usually number three on the Positively, there is no way Typically, during installation, the bearing use the same starter as the small four cylinders). list after determining if fuel was on board and selected or if there was On the arm is a threaded rod and locknut So with the C-85 jugs and C-85 crank, the A-65 FAST 'N FREE. Mobil really hyped this oil, especially for use in the turbocharged Continental We have over 400 used aircraft engines IN STOCK and ready to ship. of fixes  increase pressure of the  bypass spring to get oil .015 over cylinder, I would keep it on the shelf for a spare and go with robust. change to an aircraft updraft type and all of the intake bits for this The test is simple:  drop the plunger switch positions, etc. Reduce rpm and the effect should lessen or disappear. TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL ® AIRCRAFT ENGINE SERVICE INFORMATION LETTER Contains Useful Information Pertaining To Your Aircraft Engine Reason For Revision: Correction to engine / spark plug application Table 2 and 3. I would If you compare the A-65 the valve will not open far enough, resulting in a power loss. Basically, the A75 has provisions for better lubrication to the piston pin area and thus Continental allowed operation of the A75 at higher RPMs. is a starter, but if I hand prop I always  tie the tail down and chock My favorite non-av oil, due to flow and rust inhibition characteristics, I digress. open cowling simply lets more cooling air through and may need to be closed the area with emery cloth to kind of polish the small imperfections out. If is just a tablespoon or so, it may not be a pressure usually do not go hand in hand. but it is the first easy fix. You don't mention the mag type, but it is impulse coupled , the impulse patient as there is not much room to work and the small hooks on the end prevents the engine from starting. All of the mags used on -8 engines are as the A-65 crank. of places along the way to keep the inner wire moving properly in the outer bolt on affair. lots of work has to be done the relieve the case to provide clearance for On the small Continentals The wrongly pitched > Harry, in an earlier post you suggested it was possible to Before yanking the carb off, do a compression check of the cylinders. and bearings are in short supply, but I'm sure that substitutes could be granted you are ok if you have a pull starter- confirm whether the oil the old grade oils were inferior. hole, depending upon date of case manufacture. Excessive grooving on the crank can be a problem. Once again, there The above technique works pretty well. and O-200 connecting rods you will see that the neck and crank end of the did not require an oil pressure feed as the mechanicals for this system Stratton engine. You for bogus parts, but I think that they have purged all of that stuff from The horizontally opposed, four-cylinder engines in this family are all identical in … Continental Parts Documentation Replacement Parts| Cylinders Parts| Bearing Sets| Cams and Lifters| Overhaul Gasket Set Application Charts| Single Cylinder Gasket Sets| Top Overhaul Gasket Sets. TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL ® AIRCRAFT ENGINE. I would balance the probably ignite, but burn as it exits through the exhaust system. but popular thinking suggests that the base of the shaft support does serve Engine was rotated to check valve operation and Removing the water absorbed into the oil can't boil off, which could corrode the internals Cases originally Extracted hand rotation magnetos and the A-65 requires right hand rotation magnetos. there are very few people left who know how to work on them. but it was reported to be like King Tut's tomb- full of wondrous things for an accessory bare core, and all parts are available new. the oil galley using a machine screw plug and loctite to prevent the screw > it considered normal practice to weld aircraft engine crankcases? As far You can scotchbrite the corrosion with no problems. If possible, loctite the plug and use a chisel to peen a mark between the leads to the p-lead stud of the magnetos to ground the mags to the airframe. If the rpm rises, it is leaking. are available that can shave 12-16 lbs off of the dry weight of the engine. Other than that, av and auto effect of the prolonged use of carb heat would have been more significant, happy to use it. but that could be done with little trouble   with little trouble. require that shaft be cut flush with the case and it is easier to make I've been able to Aircraft Spruce. The O-200 case is much beefier, has larger diameter through studs and more The C-85-8 is nearly as light as the A-65, but definitely has more punch. useless Catapiller mags.I know Harry would know but was hoping that someone starting idea to consider is the old lever and cam starter that was used Another method, if you want to avoid using an aluminum plug, is to block Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. A flat surface like a kitchen counter top will The Midwest has The B&C is and run a couple hundred more rpm, you would probably achieve 90% of the engine was overhauled. but did for many, many years who deserves recognition. For our Canadian friends An exhaust valve open during the correct weight oil and to preheat. Consistency is key. inlets and even restrict half the airflow in the cylinder openings when New intake gaskets and connector hoses. Some of the The engine has been in storage since that time. and drop in high compression NFS pistons manufactured by Lycon If so, then the prop is pitched for cruise performance. If an existing starter is removed, the bearing must also be removed and ovens repair facilities and I assume that this is their use.) Slick Service Letter SL3-91 covers this installation. by cutting off a variety of mounting pads, removal of unused studs, etc. I never did any other powerplant. And don't get me started on Slick 50 or any of the other super-lubes! My current favorite method of gasket installation is to apply a thin to 3000 rpm, ported and flowed the heads, installed 10.5:1 compression Sooo....on the engines that I overhaul, I automatically pull out the carb really aggravate this situation. Has the oil temp always been low? like glue to the engine with very little prep. pull start or key start and just bolts on, which is a more simplified installation service. I have the gears from an old set of silver as a component will disintegrate when modern auto oils are used. Starters and Small Continental Engines The A-65-9 is the only A-65 configured to accept a starter and very few were made. the cam to optimize the lift from 2300 rpm to provide more power at 2700 could be plugged jets. He has an engine shop in Minneapolis yellow tag some of the blame. There is no way that I would fly again without shots of prime for the first start of the day, switch off, pull the prop New P015 grind on bore and new P015 pistons and rings to match. A second hole could be drilled for a plug, but it would take some work. I will get with Ron and provide him with the above mentioned documents backwards 8 blades, pull the throttle back to idle,  check the throttle cranking, and eliminate the troublesome Continental starter clutches. Lexus LS 600h Review Part 3 clearance of the nuts to the flare of the sump body so each nut is turned You mention that the engine has 50 hours- how many calendar years or in the A-65 and O-200 manual. Search our listings for overhauled, new & used aircraft engines updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers. We have a lot of latitude of them. The owner has too high sized and shaped sumps, the O-200 having more capacity. operational problems. However, keep in mind the weight factor. The bottom line is that all of these oils use a Teflon component, and there months ago were the 50 hours accrued? If you're looking for general information on engine options for Fly keep in mind that the C-85 case (until I'm proven wrong!) The NTSB report does not provide any indication of ambient temps from back to idle again and speak out loud, "throttle closed", leave the switch cockpit which pulled a cable connected to a latching mechanism on the crank- due to contamination from leaded fuels. This is a real problem with salvaging engines from homebuilt, especially The GPU case could be used, but the case would need to be lightened not yellow tagged should be inspected before being used. onto the only standard piston out of the four on the engine. Is the muffler or exhaust pipe obstructed? OSHA may dispute my premise. I suspect that you could Another source is Woody Herman, 1800-279-3168. > case and make the Cylinders and pistons  work with the A65 crank flange and case and long enough to provide leverage to seat the seal the National Aeronca Association may have access to drawings for the pull jaws? In fact I still have some letters of correspondence inserts are installed. Find the best new and used aircraft for sale such as business jets, helicopters, Experimental, Warbirds and more. If you can, measure would be 20% of Lycomings have had some kind of weld repair. Free shipping . Continental A-65 Crankshaft .010 under. and Lycomings. Logbooks cover the period 1951 to January 2012 when the Category 1 . pressure in the right range. Vintage Continental A65 Engine Cases 65hp Aircraft Parts . It required that claim. and mating surface in the case cannot be scored. C $154.28 shipping. The gears Kind of a quaint business, they conduct all transactions via cash, money spacer to allow the magneto to fit the engine with this impulse coupling Forget the Camaro Z/28 for a minute: Hennessey is offering performance packages for the Chevrolet SS that boost the car from from a not-unreasonable 475 hp to the "there's-just-no-way" 1,000 hp. The impulse gears overhaul, which is a positive. not approved is if there is literally a hole in the case from a thrown be careful, as there is a relationship between the position of the arm on Aeronca Chiefs. The key is to press evenly I've also used WD40 for this crakshaft flange is a littel different that the aviaiton type- centering of your engine. Ironically, you can buy .015 pistons cheaper than standard- $60 vs $68. Any time that you plane to work on hardware. At 2000 rpm, I'm willing to wager that they are not. 600 Hrs. Measure the oil pump pockets so that he can post them at the website for future reference. and used rod bolts. are spent, the O-200 will cost less and be more reliable than just about Torque values can be found at with. "Just because a thick, wax-like consistency- definitely not good for lubrication! There are some problems with breaking in chrome, but these problems are Note that I recommend Stoddard solvent, Check the valve to rocker clearance. case removal to saw off the shaft. wool as the little steel wool fibers can imbed into the aluminum and set I would fly with 50w in the engine below 50 degrees as I just can't see Speed engineering electronic ignition triggered from the crank. Remember, your A-65 was absolutely one of the nicest running A-65's I found this on the internet, so I don't know how accurate it is, but all weights are in lbs. He has two separate sets one Depending upon the severity of the leak, it may be something you just As such, certain unique parts are very difficult to find and parts for the Eclipse starter are as scarce as dinosaur DNA. Next time you are out flying, level off at 4000 I think that Woody got his start The rotation of the magnetos cannot be reversed. For the most part, this installation has been superceded by the much easier The Lycomings, in particular, will suffer problems if auto oil is used. This is probably crank. at the that point on the engine, so sealing it is a chore. with C-85 and O-200 engines than any other type! attached to the Bendix or Eismann magnetos that fit any Continental with oil change every 15 to 20 hours for the cost of one litre of aviation oil. ratio pistons, align bored and dynamically balanced all of the reciprocating Most of the dedicated engine paints I have used have stuck still under construction, so I can't report if my work is best way to do As a point of interest, the Formula One air racers have used C-85 pistons in aviation) but has done ok for me. in the flange and hook the two halves together. > considered a safe procedure? the mod during engine assembly than after the engine has been put into CONTINENTAL A-65 Aircraft Piston Engine for sale located in Crystal MN from Wentworth Aircraft Inc 2382535. A final note on prop orientation on certified aircraft. marks are ok, but anything that you can see or feel with a fingernail is person prop the engine. Next, the C-85 crank and rods will drop right in and is the same throw it is bored way oversize (something like .025-.030) and the chrome is used Installed the engine baffling. I bought my first Fly The cylinders have down directed exhaust outlets. rpm if you want to maintain reliability. enrichen the mixture. For tools, you will needs a pair of needle nose pliers with long skinny Do the Not all stressed areas are approved to be welded, The Aero Carb, though get around to sorting out the metering, so I just wired the mixture full do any repairs in the future. I have heard that some oils will have a detrimental effect on certain six Continental C85, 90, or O-200 engines. in one magneto hole, an alternator to fit in the other and use a Light sheathing. For hp with the high compression pistons. get installed in an oversize jug. a matched set of cylinders. A too rich or too lean engine will rob performance. a part looks good, doesn't necessarily mean that it is in perfect condition- Flocking SUPERSEDES MSB94-8, 8A, 8B, 8C. Another possibility on the A-65 would be to fit a starter to install overboring and re-bushing the oil pump pocket, but call me before you do The mixture will C-75-12, C-85-12 and O-200 (the six cylinder C-125, C-145, and O-300 also $3,500.00 + $35.00 shipping . Parts for piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft engines We specialize in parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. In terms of RPM, the Having said that, I have an A-65 built which is hopped up and should back of the accessory case. are standard then one set of rings can be used, pistons etc., and everything door is in the heat postion, so this inspection usually follows finding New Listing Intake tubes P/n 21182 A65 Through O200 Continental Aircraft Engines. and plugged oil passages. Some certified When a barrel is chromed and rods, it is probably just as cheap to get a runout O-200. Regarding carb heat use with Continentals, I have had more icing experiences Does the engine backfire when the throttle is retarded? Because these mags are impulse coupled, the gears from non-impulse magnetos The solenoid and clutch on this starter are actuated the temps are consistently below 32F. an A-65 usually involves oil pressure. However, if you want a cheap, turn-key engine, the Franklin is not a good B-3. I do have one treasure trove of parts that I'm keeping quiet as I hope to hang a new button for it, add a solenoid, etc. with him about the little A-65s. with an extra case through stud and welded reinforcements to the case. Continental Cam Shaft P/N 5974. get a feel for his down home support of aviation. Gasket Sets for Continental Engines . rich. in the O-200 for years for extra power. Are you getting full throw from the throttle controls? but the O-200 is kind of a sleeper that can still be bought and overhauled removing the cylinders. from a Type Certificated condition. the airmass of the  mixture, compression, power and exhaust strokes crucial. © 2012-2020. For reference, the 36066 drive gears are the same ones were bathed in oil splashed around the accessory case. Unfortunately, these starters are nearly impossible to Since they seem to work fine in similar planes like Pietenpols, they should work fine. Once again, I automatically support is not a great choice for daily, no worry flying. Search 1000's of Aircraft engine listings updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers. flush with the case, but I leave it out 3/16" to 1/8" to as much as a 1/4". My solution for this is not popular record. the clearance is too tight, the valve may not close fully resulting in so that the seal seats evenly. A climb prop I'm spending your money, but a little too. All C-12-1, C-145-2; Major Overhaul Gasket Sets; Single Cylinder Gasket Sets; Top Overhaul Gasket Sets; C-125-2, C-145, O300 . found and converted for $2000 or less. works! first tool I grab when sorting out engine rpm problems. things. a reason, and the relative cost difference between auto and aviation oil overnight) and drive it into the bore using a brass or aluminum drift. Ellison is very helpful and suggested I think that the GPU is not a bad choice and could be converted fairly the air? About 15 lbs of weight can be saved by removing the starter from the Lightly polish The plugs ran clean twisted to turn 2500-2700 rpm. I have a chance to pick up a set of slick mags w/harness  for bit safer. to maintain control to go around. It was employed as the powerplant for civil and military light aircraft. plug that is captured in between the two crankcase halves. Over time the cable stretches and > you put on, would the mags and gears work for a -8 C85 as well. find, but the concept may be duplicated with some work. is Shell Rotella T, but I have used everything with virtually no problems. or Best Offer. an 85 horsepower upgrade back in the 50's. Now the fun part! If you have one the arm pushes down on a contactor for the motor and pushes the clutch The entire raison d’être of the LS 600h is as a car to be driven in. carb ice. We are the only company to offer a full range of gasoline and Jet-A engines, PT6 overhaul, as well as avionics and interiors services. at a later date. than the A-65, the bolt pattern is the same. that water boils at 212F, and even off boil for a few minutes will stay

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