You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.  Joe Sayah

People can come into a meeting looking good in their personal appearance . . . . But they will have to product and do what they said they will do, if they want to look good. Otherwise they are exposed for being an empty suit and a poser.

Greatness comes from the doing not in trying to looking good for other people.

People can talk up a storm; they can try to overpower a person in a conversation and say they have all the answers . . . . But unless they can come up with the right answers all that is happening is there is a lot of hot air circulating.

Greatness comes from the doing not in talking up a storm.

Doers talk the talk and walk the walk and get things done. Posers do a lot of taking and a lot of fluffing but when the day is done they get very little done.

Greatness comes from the doing . . . . And having the courage to step out of the box and to start and do what’s important to do and what has to be done.