Jack Robinson provides his client with the best service as a child support attorney in Rockwall Texas and Hunt, Kaufman, Dallas & Collin Counties.

Regardless of your fight to gain custody of your children, child support will be an issue in your case. You will either be paying it or receiving it.

Courts have little discretion in setting the amount of child support to be paid. This is because, as a condition of receiving federal aid, the states are required to follow certain standards in their child support statutes.

Child Support Calculation:

Typically, child support is calculated in a very formulaic manner. In Texas, the calculations are based the parents’ income and the number of children involved. A strict formula exists to eliminate subjectivity.

Dispelling “Deadbeat Dad” Label:

The oft-used term “deadbeat dad” conjures up an image of a father who neglects to support his children emotionally or financially. Not every dad who does not fulfill his child support obligation can be construed as a “deadbeat.”

The law recognizes this distinction. Inability to pay is a valid defense to a contempt action. Simply showing that you are unemployed, though, is not sufficient to establish an inability to pay.

What If You Can’t Pay Child Support:

There may be a host of causes for financial hardship, but many of them will not entitle you to reduce your child support obligations. Simply losing a portion of your income may not be enough to reduce your child support obligation.

Modifying Child Support:

When the judge in your case determines your original child support obligation, the considerations may be dictated by statute, determined by the circumstances of your case or a combination of factors. These initial considerations may affect how future evaluations of your child support obligation are reviewed.

You are entitled to modify the amount of your child support if the variables used in the initial calculation have changed or if other factors are no longer valid.

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Jack Robinson provides his client with the best service as a child support attorney in Rockwall Texas and Hunt, Kaufman, Dallas & Collin Counties.

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  1. Lauren Reply

    If you’re not the primary parent, but you have “50/50” even though you have them 70% of the time and the “primary” only has them about 30% and yet they receive 10% child support monthly and you go to court could you get that reversed if all is documented? Also if so could you possibly go for back pay due to the simple fact that you were paying child support even though you had them 70% of the time before taken back to court?

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