yunmai scale blinking

When you see the individual data entries, click and hold the entry that you would like to delete. Apply 10% voucher Details. Step on the center of Smart Scale to turn it on. The numbers on your scale may vary from those given by other measurement methods and professional medical instruments because it is a home-use scale designed for reference. The weighing process is not finished until the progress bar on the display screen totally completes from left to right and flashes three times. Yunmai App Sync with Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit Step in to an Integrated Smart Health System The YUNMAI 2. Rechargeable batteries also work with Yunmai scales. "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” What's Cooking? If the issue persist since this integration was not built by us, I recommend to approach to Yunmai customer support. Why is my body composition data different from the ones I see at the gym, doctor, etc.? You can use your personal mobile device and app account to maintain privacy. If you would like you could even make a registered login using a fake email address. It is normal for these three indexes to add up to more than 100% since water is contained in both fat and muscle tissue. Zum schlichten, aber schicken Design gehört ein großes Display. Join an existing conversation, or start a new thread to ask your question. If "0.0" appears on the scale's display, it means that your scale isn't able to calibrate on its own. Clean the scale surface and your feet with a damp towel. What should I do? Make sure there is direct contact between the scale surface and your feet. What is the weight minimum on the Yunmai scales? It is an FDA listed smart scale brand that is being used by over 5,000,000 users. A Bluetooth connection is necessary to capture and record all data. Yunmai Scales. This low electrical current is unnoticeable and is safe for individual use. Does the Yunmai app access any private information? I found this piece of information from the FAQ on Yunmai page: Fitbit will sync latest data only if you fully exit the app (for iPhone, please double click start button and swipe with finger up) then reopen it. Other users will not have access to your data unless you permit them to add your profile to their app. Pick which Yunmai body fat scales is best. If you have an iOS device, open up the Yunmai app and click "Tracking Graphs." I have the HoMedics name brand BMI scale and need to use my smart phone voice recorder to quickly take note of what my readings are. Please contact if you have any concerns. Also, double check to see if the plastic film is still on the scale’s surface. YUNMAI Smart Scale Body Fat Scale with New Free APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display Visit the YUNMAI Store. Please install the Yunmai app, then open the app and login. 0 App connects your real-time body metrics to a world of data charts, social sharing, and fitness tracking. Do not step off of the scale or reposition your body before completing the measurement. Please connect your device to the scale before it reaches its data limit. Yunmai is far more than the world’s leading body composition scale— we’re a digital sidekick to help you meet and maintain your health goals. The Yunmai app is available from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can update your iOS or Android device to the latest version and reinstall the Yunmai app from App Store, Google Play, or online at The YUNMAI Mini packs a powerful punch, delivering pinpointed readings in the blink of an eye—all within a bold 10-inch frame. Creating your account is completely free, and takes about a minute. The scale may need to be re-calibrated to show accurate readings. Sir SciFly , 04/22/2020. • Do not step or stand on the scale when your body and/or feet are wet. We do not recommend that anyone with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device use the Yunmai because of its electrical current used for analysis. Tap the scale once before stepping on it to weigh in. Each user can sync their own smartphone or share a single app and create profiles in Family Management. Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Scale: Features. If the scale already has 16 users and you want to add one more, the app will ask you to delete an existing user profile. To re-calibrate, put the scale on a hard and flat surface, for example on tiled or wood floors. Please do not weight yourself while wearing socks. Not right now! Along with your personal information, it has a button to select "Lbs" or "Kg." EDIT: I figured out that I had no autorisation on my Fitbit profile for YUNMAI, although I allowed it multiple times. How do I get my app to sync with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit? Also, it allows you to login to the app using other accounts (like Facebook). Yunmai FDA Listed Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Scale & Body Fat Monitor - 10 Precision Body Composition Measurements –Body Fat, BMI & More - 16 Users Recognized - Smartphone App for Healthy Weight Loss Tracking - The YUNMAI Mini packs a powerful punch, delivering pinpointed readings in the blink of an eye—all within a bold 10-inch frame. Experience all the excellent features of YUNMAI in a more portable size. We appreciate your concern about the safety and integrity of your personal data and wanted to assure you that the Yunmai app does not use or access any private information. All of the Yunmai models use the same application and provide the same body measurement tracking. ody fat percentage, BMI/BMR, bone mass, hydration level, protein, and muscle. Once previewing the data, swipe left on the entry you want to delete and red trash button will appear. This is an option for customers not wanting to provide a personal email. Introducing the Yunmai Bluetooth Weight Scale, the complete home weight management system for today modern home.CONNECTED HEALTH BENEFITSThe Yunmai body fat analyzer measures your body from head to toe and effortlessly tracks up to 16 different people with Bluetooth wireless technology. See you around if you have additional questions. Our scale measures body fat and nine other wellness indicators. If your mobile device is prompting you for a passkey, enter “000000.” You may need to turn on the location service and restart your phone to connect to the scale. Yunmai uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis to measure body fat, which sends an extremely low electrical current through the body when taking a measurement. The Yunmai scale uses BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis), which is a commonly used technology for estimating body composition, and in particular, body fat. YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale, Bathroom Scale Bluetooth, Body Fat Scale with Free App, Weight Scale Digital with LED Body Composition Monitor, Weighing Scale Body Works with iPone, Android, for gifts. If this suggestion doesn't help, please contact us at for more assistance. go to "me" under Yunmai app, from here select "user settings. Yunmai now has over 2 million users without any complaints about privacy access. Now if you step on the scale you can weight in the normal way. I’m 17 years old, why aren’t I seeing readings other than body weight? Yunmai’s Limited Warranty covers your scale for one year after purchase. Yunmai will never access private information. YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale - problem syncyng (Android... YUNMAI Mini Smart Scale - problem syncyng (Android). ", 2b. pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. If you do not have a mobile device with you when you weigh in, the data will be recorded into the scale and will be sent to the app when the scale is later connected to your device. What is the weight limit on the Yunmai scales? Why does the Yunmai app display my body weight but no other body metrics? I can't see that in Google fit either. 3. What does the product include? Yunmai Bluetooth Scale review and unboxing - Smart Body Fat & Composition Monitor scale - Duration: 3:16. Check the age settings in the app. Only weight readings are available for users under 18 years of age because they are growing quickly and their body data is changing frequently. The Yunmai app is available from the App Store or Google Play Store. Warranty service for eligible repairs and exchanges is available at no charge for 12 months from the date of your original retail purchase (“date of purchase”). The Smart Rope can record the number and duration of rope skipping, with a variety of training and challenge modes for … I haven't had it long enough to test that claim. Sometimes the warning is too severe. What is the maximum weight supported by the scale? Wi-Fi Body Scale (WBS01) - The scale displays a blinking "0.0" when I weigh myself. Please contact, The scale can support a maximum weight of. The scale is asking for a passkey, what do I enter? 4.2 out of 5 stars 222. How does the scale register the weight of different family members? There are two ways to transfer data between the scale and mobile device. Select "Yes" to delete. Making sure your iOS or Android device is updated to latest version and reinstalling the latest Yunmai app should help do the trick. Slide fitbit to On. Do not leave the Yunmai scale near open flames. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Outlined are the latest permissions and what we are accessing: Recycled plastic with aluminum alloy electrode plate, Tempered glass wth aluminum alloy electrode plate, Available in blue, green, pink, yellow, and white, Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity (Includes App). Problem is, no matter what I do the weight information does not go to the dashboard or anywhere else. What should I … Cheap Smart Remote Control, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:Xiaomi YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Slim Chic Electric Muscle Stimulator Kits 0.8kg 3 Gear 3200r/min Vibrating Home Gym Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance Smart Body Fat Scale from Xiaomi - WHITE. The app is compatible with iOS 7.1 and Android 4.3, as well as newer versions of the software. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale. I noticed that when I did it the bar at the top only flashed one time. The Fitbit Community is a gathering place for real people who wish to exchange ideas, solutions, tips, techniques, and insight about the Fitbit products and services they love. You can also download the app online at and scan the code from the instructions, or search “Yunmai” via Google to install the program.

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