When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice. William James

“Choice” implies the freedom to choose from a set of persons or things. It is an option; The power, right or liberty of choosing. A consequence is that which logically or naturally follows from an action or condition; an effect; result.

“Accountable” emphasizes liability for something of value either contractually or because of one’s position of responsibility. People who are accountable think about long term consequences before they act. They accept responsibility for the consequences of their choices and their associations. They fulfill their consequential duties, not because of payment, force, or fear of repercussion, but because they are living a value that gives higher meaning and purpose to life. They do not make excuses, blame others for their mistakes, act like a victim, or take credit for another’s success.

“Consequence” is the result of every choice. For better or worse, each choice is the unavoidable consequence of its predecessor. There are not exceptions. If you can accept that a bad choice carries the seed of its own punishment, why not accept the fact that a good choice yields desirable fruit?

I realize that life is a sum of choices. Good character is a victory, not a gift.