Most parents who find themselves embroiled in a child custody dispute have little knowledge of or experience to prepare them for the long, unpleasant road ahead, and lack of knowledge can lead to mistakes, even for the most well-meaning parent. An awareness of the things that can go wrong will make it easier to avoid common child custody mistakes.


Child custody disputes are emotionally draining and emotions are often allowed to run rampant, getting in the way of clear, logical thinking. Winning a custody case requires the ability to set aside anger and react to conflict with a clear head. Many child custody cases have been lost due to irrational and inappropriate emotional outbursts.

Errors in Judgement

Poor decisions and errors in judgment are common mistakes made by people involved in child custody mistakes, as judges aren’t inclined to grant custody to parents who don’t appear to consider the best interests of the children. It’s crucial that a custody judge sees a mature, responsible parent with a safe, stable home. Illegal behavior should always be avoided. Sexual relationships should be kept private. Appointments should be kept.

Lack of Preparation

Lack of preparation is one of the fastest ways to lose a child custody case. Goals and objectives should be clearly outlined with an attorney who is be willing to answer any questions or address any concerns. Documents should be organized and kept in a safe place. Every document should be reviewed and every statement must be correct.


Mistaken assumptions are common child custody errors. It’s a mistake to assume that the court will always be on your side. It’s an error to assume that the other parent will always be fair and reasonable. It’s a mistake to assume that your attorney will take care of every detail. Success requires the ability to be proactive and knowledgeable about your child custody case.

Lack of Funds

Lack of funding is often blamed for problems in child custody cases. It’s crucial to understand the possible costs involved child custody case and to have enough money to see the case through to the end. Losing an attorney in the middle of the case is a quick way to lose a custody case. If money is a problem, many attorneys will accept a payment plan, but it’s unwise to wait until the last moment before coming up with an alternate plan.

Giving Up

Giving up in the event that the child custody case doesn’t go in your favor is a huge mistake, especially in an initial evaluation or first custodial order. It’s important to be persistent and to be aware of alternate strategies. Attorneys who balk and are unwilling to go the extra mile should be replaced.

An awareness of the things that can go wrong in a child custody fight will make it easier to avoid common child custody mistakes. If you still have questions, concerns or you need more information, call us. No charge for the initial consultation.