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Looking for online estate planning services in Texas for your unique situation? Jack Robinson is a leading attorney whose firm has helped thousands of clients just like you. Schedule a call today. ($500 Value.) Ask questions to determine the best fit for your virtual estate planning with zero risk. 

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A Lasting Legacy Starts with Experienced Planning

Don’t Settle for Generic Estate Planning Templates – Get Personalized Expertise with Our Virtual Services.

Services like Legal Zoom™ offer popular but insufficient legal templates for estate planning. Trusting your financial assets, real estate, and medical directives to these cookie-cutter agreements can be a dangerous gamble. While they may be cheap, they lack the tailored insights and legal strength needed when it matters most.

That’s where our online estate planning services come in. Instead of relying on templates, attorney Leslie Thomas will work with you directly to understand your unique needs and design a customized estate plan that fits your family’s specific requirements. This combination of convenience, affordability, and professional advice ensures you get the best possible outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does virtual estate planning work?

Virtual estate planning made easy: Schedule a session at your convenience using our calendar. Before the call, gather the necessary documents as advised. We’ll meet via phone or zoom, review your situation, and create a personalized plan.

How does virtual estate planning work?

Not all online estate planning is equal: Some “services” merely offer pre-made templates that you fill out. These are not tailored to your specific situation and cannot be considered true services.

Our virtual estate planning is personalized and just as effective as in-office consultations. The only difference is the convenience of having it from the comfort of your home. Get the same personal touch from an experienced lawyer.

Virtual estate planning checklist:

Steps to finding a virtual estate planning lawyer in Texas:

  1. Look for a knowledgeable attorney who offers virtual services in Texas.
  2. Schedule a free consultation to assess the fit with your personal planning needs.
  3. Be prepared to discuss assets, real estate, medical needs, and family situation with your lawyer.
  4. Choose an attorney with clear, flat fees instead of hourly billing.
  5. Establish a long-term relationship with a virtual law firm for continued support for your loved ones after the initial transaction.
What states do you offer virtual estate planning?

We provide virtual estate planning services throughout Texas.

What is the average cost of an estate plan?

Cost estimate for estate planning: The exact cost depends on your specific situation and goals. A will-based plan typically costs $1000-$3000 and a trust-based plan $4000-$7000. Both include all necessary documents such as powers of attorney, living wills, guardian declarations, and real estate transfer documents.

We use a flat fee model, so you won’t face any surprise charges for questions, revisions, or additions to your plan. Some law firms charge hourly rates for present and future services.

What is the first step?

Preparing for your virtual estate planning meeting:

  • Make a list of your concerns, questions, and goals.
  • If unsure, don’t worry, we have a proven framework to guide the session.
  • Schedule your consultation by clicking on the available time slots on this page.

Featured Reviews

Attorney Jack Robinson assisted me in probating my husband’s will. Mr. Robinson was thorough and was easy to work with. Even though he is located in Rockwall County and the will had to be probated in Dallas County, it was a smooth process and took a relatively short amount of time. My husband’s will was a simple will, so it would probably take longer to probate a will that is more complex. I will definitely use Mr. Robinson to draw up new estate planning documents for me personally. I have already referred a friend to him regarding questions they had about probate.

I am posting this online recommendation about my personal experience working with the Law Office of Jack Robinson.

Jack’s belief in building effective relationships leads to an environment of trust… while modeling personal excellence, Integrity and accountability through all his actions and activities.

I am very grateful for his contributions to me and my family and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need a Great Lawyer.

We are here to help you with all of your estate planning needs.

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“Everyone in this office is committed to providing excellent service to all clients. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction, and we are not satisfied with anything less.”