“Leadership is action, not position.” –Donald H. McGannon

How can you expect anyone to follow you if you have no idea what it is you are leading them to do? Leadership is simple to define and put into action. I summed it up with these attributes:

  • Leaders have an undying faith in what they can accomplish, all the while confronting the brutal reality of their current situation.
  • A leader never takes credit for anything, they give credit where credit is due.
  • A leader always takes the blame for everything.
  • A leader always surrounds themselves with people who are better than they are.
  • A leader’s flock shows up every day to make their leader proud of them, they work for the leader first, their company second and their paycheck third.

The underlying fundamentals for these items to exist requires the complete trust and respect from the people who work with you.

I am curious to hear from you – how do you gain the trust and respect from the individuals who work with you?