Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get divorced?

The cost of a divorce involves many aspects, one of which being the cost of filing, as well as the price per hour for your divorce attorney.

How can a spousal support attorney help me?

A spousal support attorney will ensure that you receive the financial assistance from your spouse following a separation.

How do the courts determine who gets custody?

The courts evaluate the different aspects of each party to make a decision based on the best interests of the child.

What other factors do the courts consider when they determine custody?

Courts may consider the financial positions of each parent, household stability and the relationship the child has with each of the parents.

Do you need a child custody lawyer?

Having a lawyer to help you present your case is extremely important if there are any confounding issues that are difficult to sort out on your own.

How much does a probate cost?

In Texas, probate is not particularly expensive and is charged hourly, rather than by percentage of the estate.

What are the legal aspects of estate planning?

Estate planning focuses on establishing a will, which is a contract that determines who receives your assets and wealth after you pass.

What does an estate planning attorney do?

An estate planning attorney assists you in establishing your will, ensuring that it cannot be contested.

Why do I need an estate planning attorney?

Estate planning attorneys ensure that the details of your estate are recorded, and your will is carried out following your death. You can also minimize tax implications of your estate with an attorney.