“All things are difficult before they are easy” – John Norley

The implication is that we should be patient with learning, and with learners. It takes time to learn to do things. What seems easy to us now may have been difficult at first.

Patience is something that everyone needs but not many of us have or much of it. There is a philosophy that say, patience makes you reach to the stars. What this means is if you have patience in life and all of the things that you do and everything you will always be able to realize your dreams and ambitions.

Take the Chinese for example, they are probably the most patient people in the word, they operate their business working very long and hard hours and even though the wealth may not be a lot in the beginning they never stop. Then a few years later they have built up their wealth and business through patience and they continue this life style even log after they have acquired enough wealth to not work as hard. That something we should all learn, most of the time we want immediate results from our work and if we do not get it we are ready to stop or quit what we are doing.