I get lots of questions on how to get a name change in Texas. Changing your legal name in Texas is a relatively simple process if the correct procedure is followed and all requirements are met. Most name changes are completed in conjunction with a marriage or a divorce.  When a name change is part of a marriage, the change is made when obtaining a marriage license. In a divorce, the name change should be incorporated in the Final Decree of Divorce.

In almost all other circumstances, a request for change of name must be made in a petition filed with the court and the court must sign an order granting the person a new name.To permit a person to change their name, the court has certain requirements that must be met to insure that the change is not sought to avoid legal trouble. If the name change is for a child, there are added requirements that the parents or conservators of the child must be served and the name change must be in the best interest of the child.

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