The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, or a Hell of Heaven.  John Milton

Your mind never turns off . . . . and is running processing information 24 hours a day even when your sleeping. When you’re dreaming your mind in processing information . . . . and those thoughts are in part are your dreams.

The human mind is a powerful resource and operates much like a computer that processing . . . . your thoughts into information. That information will then be processed and then stored in your mind to later draw on . . . . . those thoughts will either be positive or they negative.

The positive information stored in your mind creates . . . . becomes a pattern of positive thinking and becomes the foundation for positive actions. People who are positive thinkers have . . . . a positive outlook about themselves, their life, there future, their abilities and the world around them.

Your positive thinking in your mind makes . . . . you the person the person you are.

The power of your mind . . . . will either pull you forward in the direction of you goals with positive thinking or create a barrier to your success with negative thinking.