A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

In this first of a 2 part blog on steps we all can take to awaken our creativity I want to share some of the simple techniques that I have learned work best for me.

It’s interesting to note that expanding your mind doesn’t mean your skull is going to become larger or that your brain is going to grow. What happens is our brain becomes denser with neuronal connections, which facilitates both more memory and speed of retrieval.


By reading we are able to input countless years of experience, creativity, knowledge, and wisdom into our minds in a matter of hours. One should be careful not to pollute their mind by reading the wrong information.  This is why I find it important to read books written by people that have accomplished something I want, or that I admire in some way.


Writing expands our vocabulary, which has been shown to be directly correlated with success.  Any career that involves people (that’s all of them isn’t it) is based on solid communication with a firm grasp of vocabulary and knack for self-expression.


Puzzles strengthen neuronal connections in such a way that they improve hand-eye coordination in people of all ages. Puzzles come in so many varieties that you can practice mathematics, vocabulary, memory and other bouts of critical thinking while enjoying these challenging games.

Mathematics teaches us how to think critically, and gives us access to an analytical train of thought. By thinking this way, we are more prone to having more common sense and possessing the skill of logic.


Painting is another great form of self-expression. No art is really ever finished, because there’s always more to be done, but it certainly can be left at great.


Cooking, especially the kind where you don’t use recipes, engages all of your senses. From the smell of your ingredients, to the feel of the texture, and the sound of the sizzling, we must put everything together to achieve an amazing result with this art form.