It’s time to. . .

Let go of the anger of what could have been

Let go of the worry of what might become

Let go of the mistakes you think you’ve made

Let go of a future you cannot yet see

Let go of the expectations of others, their path is not your own

Let go of your need for control, it is only an illusion

Let go of your training and education, it was simply a place to begin

Let go of the comfortable and familiar, what you need is not found there

Let go of the distractions that keep you from your path

Let go of the tools and talents you have not yet acquired

Let go of your schedules, lists, and plans

Let go of jealousy, it’s only ignorance in disguise

Let go of competition, your path is yours alone

Let go of the critics who don’t understand

Let go of the life you had planned to live

Let it all go

It’s time to create your story

It’s time to do the work you are here to do

Then let it go