I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. Charles Dickens

Rediscovered in the high notes of hope,

Revived in our tempo of generosity,

Revered in the beauty of harmony,

The Christmas Spirit is remembered in our refrains of love.

Have hope; believe in the birth of new ideas and experiences that shape your life and enrich your family.

Bring forth your generosity to serve others. Care for the poor. Give to the needy and to those you love from the bounty of your heart.

During Christmas, create harmony in your spirit, and in your home, workplace and community.

Remember to bring forth a profound love that abounds the whole year through.

In every family, Christmas traditions grow and small joys take on a special meaning. This year, celebrate and acknowledge with your family the sentiments of Christmas and discuss the values you treasure most.

Invite your friends and family to carry the spirit of this holiday into the New Year.