“Life is no straight and easy corridor along which we travel free and unhampered , but a maze of passages , through which we must seek our way ,lost and confused ,now and again checked in a blind alley. But always , if we have faith , God will open a door for us , not perhaps one that we ourselves would have thought of ,but one that will ultimately prove good for us ” A. J . Cronin

As you look ahead at your life, don’t you really want it to be simpler. But in reality, isn’t it always filled with twists and turns and bumps and burns! Life is a maze of passages that take us to totally unexpected & unforeseen places.

Unfortunately, it is these “unknowns” that fills us with anxiety about the journey ahead. Each day comes with no assurance that we will never lose our way/bump into a wall. Regardless, we gather up our courage, set foot in the maze and start our journey.

Despite the best intentions, we suddenly and unexpectedly find ourselves at a dead end. Disappointed & angry, we shed a few tears. But determined to make it, we get up and keep trying, carefully making effort to avoid our previous mistakes.

Each day we hope the chosen path be the right one. More significant is the realization that as long as we keep moving, we find ourselves less confused and more confident. All of a sudden the destination sought comes into view and are strangely bemused that we actually enjoyed the challenging turnings and obstacles we encountered. All of a sudden it is clear that the journey we initially dreaded was something we enjoyed and learned from!

Once again at the destination, we can look back gratefully and realize that it was for a purpose that the maze was not a boring, straight and easy corridor. For it was this complicated, confusing and challenging maze of passages that tested and revealed to us an inner strength and hidden potential lying dormant that we would otherwise never have known.

Reaching the destination or goal has transformed us. All thanks to that complicated maze of passages that we initially dreaded!

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