Press on. Obstacles are seldom the same size tomorrow as they are today. Robert H. Schuller

Life can be tough and sometimes when you feel like the whole world is crashing down on you, it feels like there’s no hope. But it’s important that we don’t let life’s mishaps determine our level of happiness. Take control of your own attitude by putting into practice these tips for staying positive:

Be motivated

What keeps you going? No matter what is at stake, there has to be something that you love doing or that keeps you distracted from your unfortunate position. Keep the fire of the passion going during this time. Remember that even though your time now may seem bleak, there are other ambitions in life where you can focus your energy.

Be proactive

Okay, you’re stuck in a pickle, think about what you can do to make this better. Pick up your boot straps and do something about it. If your family member is sick, do your research on how to help support this person. If you’ve got a big bill coming up, start budgeting or call your collector to arrange payments. We do have some influence over our destiny, so do what you can to make your situation easier.

Ditch the negative people

Naysayers can poison your thoughts with bad news or outlooks on your situations. They may not always mean to be such a drag, but the truth is they are not conducive to your growth. When someone puts a negative thought in your brain, it begins to fester and grow to become its own belief. Instead, hang out with people who only encourage you and support you – and let their thoughts sit with you and grow. Plus, positive interactions just leave you feeling better about life, they reinforce your ambitions and make your worries start to fade away.

Go outside and get some air

With all of our sophisticated techy devices these days, it’s hard to unplug. But in order to create a harmonious balance in your life, it’s healthy to get outdoors and feel the cool air on your skin. Walking outside gives you a fresh perspective and gives your eyes a break from staring into a screen all day. Plus, it’s healthy for humans to move around and interact with other humans. Remember, when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out, get outdoors and be at one with the earth.


And while you’re outside, throw on your tennis shoes and get moving. By exercising you increase your endorphins, which raises your level of happiness and confidence. Plus, exercising gives you more energy and strength – two things you seem to lose by sitting at home and moping about things. And do we even have to mention that it also makes your body look even better.

Eat right

What you eat actually has tons to do with how you feel. Eating whole natural foods like apples, cucumbers, salads and nuts are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, making them easier for your body to process. Fast food and frozen foods often have lots of salt, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup that can weigh you down. When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to reach over for the snack near you, so instead of buying the package of donuts, keep some orange slices of celery sticks near you.

Think of the good news

Too often, we spend our times dwelling on the sad or unfortunate things in life, when what we should be doing is thinking of all the we DO have. Whatever you are going through and however tough it is, catalog what you have in your life that is positive: your health, your ICDC College education, friends, food, electricity. These may seem basic, but those are things you should be grateful for and not take for granted. Being thankful for the things you do have in life makes you realize that whatever it is you’re going through could be much worse.

Play with the kids


Kids are the best form of laughter, and its times like these that you can let them remind you what life is really all about. Children are genuine and honest and can sometimes give you simple truths that you may need to be reminded of in tough times. They can be imaginative and fun, energetic and appreciative of small things that we sometimes overlook as adults. So the next time you’re feeling bummed out, go play outside with your favorite tyke.

But don’t .

When you’re feeling down and out, don’t turn to alcohol or any form of drugs for solace. This will only reinforce the negative in your life. Don’t keep yourself alone and away from others, let your friends and family help you. Don’t skip meals or miss sleep, you need your energy to confront life’s battles.

Getting stressed out is normal, but if you keep yourself in a positive mindset, you can surely overcome any battle. Life is too short to let worry or sadness overcome us, it’s a precious gift that we should value each day. So next time you’re feeling bummed out, try each of these easy tips for staying positive.