“We learn to walk by stumbling.”Bulgarian Proverb

I think life is a series of lessons

We learn to walk by stumbling, and we learn to regain our balance after we stumble.

We learn to run by walking, and we learn that we can get someplace faster by running then by walking.

We learn to get up after we fall, and we learn that many people have fallen before us and have learned to get up and try again.

Life is a series of lessons, some easy to grasp and others can be very painful and as we learn that lesson we create the wisdom to move forward with new and beneficial knowledge.

Many of the lessons that we learn come from stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone and reaching for the brass ring of success.

If we are willing to look at the lessons as a learning experience, we will grow as a person and expand our horizons and achieve greater success.

Life is a series of lessons and to a person with an open mind and a positive attitude they will find a way to take those lessons and use them as fuel for their success journey.