It’s faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.  Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Enthusiasm is one of the greatest of human traits a person can have. An old Chinese proverb said A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.People are attracted to people who care.

If you are enthusiastic about your work other people will be attracted to join in with you and help you take that work to the next level.

Nothing worth doing can be done by one person in total isolation from others. We need other people and they need us!

If we show enthusiasm for what we are doing others will be drawn to our enterprises. No one wants to be around a Grump.

We all crave the positive energy of life, the exuberance, the joy, the pure love of life and when we see that in another person we want to be around that individual.

When people see this energy in you they will want to be around you.

The Famous actor Clark Gable once remarked The only reason people come to see me is because I know life is great and they know I know it.

Do you realize how great life is?

Do you inject your enthusiasm into every venture you endure?

In addition to its attractive energy, enthusiasm has another attractive quality, it can be extremely contagious!

It has been noted throughout history by all the great thinkers that we become like the people that we are around.

In the world of animals this is called imprinting, a baby duck picks up how to act from the mother duck, a puppy learns from the elder dog.

The same thing goes on in human life, the more attractive a person is the more likely others are to imprint off that individual and enthusiasm of the right sort can make an individual very attractive. The energy of the universe glows through him or her.