My idea to embrace for today:

The quality of our expectations determines the quality of our actions. Andre Godin

I have had a rough ten days. Five (5) bench trials and a jury trial. Mixed results in all of them. Clients were unhappy with the results even though I had been counseling them from the first interview that the result we got was foreseeable. Craziness!!

Surprisingly, my attitude through all of these rapid fire trials and the up and down emotions stayed positive. I realized that the key that opens my mind and heart to better performance, a rich and satisfying life is my attitude.

All of us want success; we want good results in all walks of life, in our homes, in work and in all our relations. The most important single factor that guarantees positive results is the Positive Mental Attitude !

The noted American trainer and motivator, Zig Ziglar, remarks: Positive attitude is the result of new thinking believing in yourself, focusing on successes, learning from failures and surrounding yourself with people who share your values, principles and thinking. Positive attitude won’t let you do anything but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking. It will let you use your abilities and capabilities.

Attitude is defined as the position or bearing as indicating action, feeling or mood. And it is our actions, feelings or moods that determine the actions, feelings or moods of others. Our attitude is the way we communicate our mood, and tells the world what we expect in return. If we are optimistic and anticipate success, we will transmit a positive attitude and people and customers usually respond favorably to our attitude. But when we are pessimistic and expect the worst, our attitude is often negative and people tend to avoid us. Inside our head, where it all starts, attitude is a mind-set; it’s the way we look at things mentally.

Attitude is not simply a state of mind; it is also a reflection of what you value. Your attitude is more than just saying I Can; it is believing  I Can Do . It requires believing before seeing, because seeing is based on situations; believing is based on faith and your unwavering conviction.

As a human creature, all of us have been given the godlike power to create our own lives. Every day, we utilize actions and ideas that will determine the nature of our tomorrows. Those ideas and actions lead some people to extraordinary achievements; some to a kind of average life; for some, those actions and ideas bring repeated frustration and problems.

We tend to live up to our expectations; and others give to us what we expect. Our attitude is something we can control, and the people will reflect back to us the attitude we present to them. It is, then, our attitude towards life that determines life’s attitude toward us. Law of Cause and Effect.

Your attitude is the disposition you transmit to others. It is also the way you see things mentally from the inside. The more you can focus on the positive aspects of your environment and life, the easier it will be to feel and remain positive. Positivity can be maintained through conscious efforts. When something negative diverts your mental focus, you can bounce back and make the adjustments by following these time-tested techniques :

Think cheerfully; you become what you think about all the day long. There is always a silver lining in the dark clouds; so, look for the light and this will enlighten your mind and thoughts process.

Clarify your objectives; a person with a crystal-clear goal is more apt to have a positive attitude than someone without an aim. A well-defined objective in life provides you direction, helps you achieve better focus, and removes doubts and fears.

Sense of humour; the more you develop it, the more positive you become. Find out the funny aspects in every so-called problem and you can turn it into an opportunity.

Mix up with winners when an odd situation confronts you. Negative losers can very easily aggravate the situation. Avoid these turkeys and fly with the eagles who radiate enthusiasm, hope and optimism.

Visualise success; you get what you expect. Positive expectations pave the way for harmonious and positive times. Your imagination is the laboratory where you can rehearse and preview the successful events.

Pep talk, often called self-talk or monologue; it is your thinking aloud. When you assure yourself over and again of good, your subconscious mind accepts and believes so, and your actions radiate the same thought process.