Why children being alienated from a parent is so wrong!

The Alienating parent will exhibit specific behaviors, signs and symptoms than those of the children and the target parent. The following examples of Alienators behavior are called Red Flags. The more of these a parent exhibits or enacts, the higher the probability of parental alienation syndrome is occurring.

Alienator actively destroys and discards any gifts or letters that the child(ren) do see.

Alienator insists that the child(ren) refer to Target Parent using only a derogatory term (ie. The Bastard)

Alienator presents school teachers/principals with falsified documents/letters from practitioners or the AP.

Alienator pawns the Target Parent’s personal and private belongings citing financial hardship to the child(ren).

Alienator pawns or returns to the retailer, gifts from Target Parent citing financial hardship to the children.

Alienator takes every opportunity to belittle the Target Parent, in the presence of the child(ren), when seeking assistance from welfare agencies and providers.

Refuses to provide Target Parent with vital medical information thereby impeding the child(ren)s medical wellbeing.

Refusing to notify Target Parent of identified allergies.

Refusing to notify Target Parent of medical concerns or treatments for child(ren)

Accuse Target Parent of stealing items the child has lost.

Attributing failure in school activities/studies to Target Parent.

Accusing Target Parent of neglecting the child(ren).

Denies essential medical care or treatment on the basis of financial hardship caused by Target Parent.

Consumes drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol and blaming Target Parent for addictions.

Purchases personal luxuries whilst denying children essentials and blaming Target Parent for financial hardship.

Refusing to allow child to bid Target Parent goodbye after visitation with any affection shown in front of Alienator.

Makes derogatory noises/comments when child or Target Parent exhibit affection in presence of alienator.

Accuses Target Parent of displaying affection to child(ren) for ulterior motive.

Accuses Target Parent of PAS behaviours.

Denigrates new partner or partner’s children to their children.