What Are Your Worries?

Maybe your worried about: education for you or your children, retirement, shrinking your budget, paying bills, meeting expenses, rising gas prices, rising insurance costs, taxes, first impressions, political correctness, contagious infections, the country’s politics or its current situation, your children’s safety or your finances in general.

How to Make Worrying a Thing of the past

When I find myself worried, I know I am missing the enjoyment of living each day of my wonderful life. The worry deprives me of the excitement that comes from planning my future. When I spend time worrying, I try to refocus on the idea that worrying never solved anything. When I look back at times I was worried, I know that spending such times increased the likelihood that my worst fears became reality and I was not prepared to deal with that reality.

Here is a simple three step process I learned that helps me to refocus myself when I am realize that I am worrying about something instead of focusing on a solution to the matter.

STEP 1 – What is the worst thing that can happen in this situation?

For most, the answer comes naturally. In this instance, negative projection is helpful. Figure out what is the absolute worst outcome that can result.

STEP 2 – How can I handle this outcome?

If it is the worst-case scenario, figure all the ways that you can survive with that result. Anything that occurs less than what you imagine should be easy to get through.

STEP 3 – What steps can I take to ensure that this scenario never comes true?

By taking action to prevent our worst-case conclusion we move to a better outcome. Incidentally, action is a consistent solution to worry

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